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You Deserve Something Different

We know that you bear the burden and the stress of your circumstances, so our interactions are designed to reduce your uncertainty allowing you to plan for the future. At Sadler Law Group you will never be left in the dark.

Personal Injury Cases

Car Accident

A motor vehicle collision can be terrifying. Medical bills can mount and lost time from work adds to the stress. We can help.

Severe Injuries and Wrongful Death

Nothing can undo the damage done, but bringing those responsible to answer for their actions may help you and your loved ones find closure.

Premises Liability

Unexpectedly coming upon a dangerous condition, like ice, can lead to significant injuries. It is not always easy to tell who is responsible for making that area safe.

Let Us Worry About the Insurance Company

Life can be complicated enough without having to deal with an injury. At Sadler Law Group we simplify the process for you. From the initial consultation through resolution, we will explain each step so you know what to expect.

Criminal Defense

Narcotics and Drug Offenses

From misdemeanor marijuana possession to felony possession with intent to sell, drug charges can carry severe penalties that will have a lasting impact on your future. You need a good defense.

Assault and Violent Crime

Conviction on a serious felony charge — murder, manslaughter, armed robbery — usually means the loss of your freedom for years.

Theft and Fraud

Sometimes dire circumstances lead to poor choices. Whether it is fighting the evidence or arguing mitigation, Sadler Law Group can aid in your defense.


Having one drink too many can cost you your job, your license, and your freedom. It does not have to be that way.

We Explain the Process

Our attitude towards your accident is different: the more you understand your case the less you are burdened by it. Sadler Law Group speaks with our clients so that we can understand the full impact of their injuries, allowing us to better articulate damages to the insurance company.

Contact an Experienced New Haven County Attorney

Whether you have questions about a personal injury, workers’ compensation, or criminal matter, we welcome all inquires. Sadler Law Group will do what it can to give you piece of mind.

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