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Sadler Law Group, LLC was founded upon the notion that an attorney’s purpose is to explain. The law is often convoluted and unnecessarily dense, and clients must be armed with the information necessary to make a decision. Too often attorneys are content to leave their clients in the dark, selectively explaining the pitfalls and benefits of any particular action. Not here.

Everyone deserves to understand what the legal process is designed to do, and its very real limits. Sadler Law Group provides that service, navigating you through the multiple volumes worth of rules, regulations, administrative agencies, statutes, and common law your legal issue might encompass.

Too often when you are thrust into the legal system, there is mystery as to what happens next. At Sadler Law Group we remove the mystery, exploring your options and the consequences from each proposed course of action. We do not shy away from the sometimes harsh reality that a client must face, nor do we pretend to know the depths of despair some have experienced. Instead, we act as a resource laying out the paths to resolution and providing the information necessary for a client to make the best choice for themselves. Once that choice is made we act decisively to bring about the best result.

It is because of our approach we do not fall victim to the myth building promulgated (mostly by attorneys) as to our outsized place in society. Our place is here, with our feet firmly on the ground, helping people with their legal difficulties, not fighting imaginary enemies. We look forward to your call.


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If you are seeking legal advice from a New Haven County attorney, Sadler Law Group is ready to listen. You can reach us by filling out the Request a Call form below or you can call us at (855) 285-3425.

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