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If You have Already been Arrested for a Violent Crime, You Should Consult a Criminal Defense Attorney Immediately

I didn’t mean to.

I drank too much.

It was self-defense.

Things got out of control.

Whatever the reason, the police have heard it before and will not excuse your behavior. The best advice anyone can give in a criminal matter is this – Do not speak to the police. Even if you were justified, are innocent, or feel you had a valid reason, your words will be used against you.

Sadler Law Group will Customize a Strategy to Fit your Case

These types of charges tarnish your reputation and threaten your freedom. The anxiety and stress of the unknown can wreak havoc on you and your loved ones. You should contact a New Haven County criminal defense attorney immediately. An experienced criminal defense attorney at Sadler Law Group will explain the criminal justice process to you in a clear and concise manner. You will be informed of the risks and potential rewards of each possible course of action.

New Haven CT Assault and Violent Crime Attorney
New Haven CT Assault and Violent Crime Lawyer

Sadler Law Group Examines the Evidence with Four Goals

Your criminal defense attorney will examine the charges, the police reports, and the evidence to determine whether we can:

• Suppress Physical Evidence
• Suppress Statements
• Argue the Insufficiency of the Evidence to Prove the Crime Charged
• Mitigate/Justify the Actions





Regardless of the Violent Crime Charged, you Should Consult with an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you are charged with any of the following:

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