Marijuana is Legal in Connecticut, Right?

No. No it is not. Marijuana is not legal in Connecticut. While much of the country has moved towards what is inevitable – the legalization of marijuana – Connecticut is taking half-measures. It is not legal, but for small amounts (less than one-half ounce) you will face an infraction under C.G.S. §21a-279a and not a criminal penalty.

The first time conviction results in a $150 fine. Subsequent offenses have a larger fine, between $200 and $500. A third time offender will be required to take a drug education program at his/her own expense. Additionally, if you are under twenty-one (21) years old at the time of the infraction, you have this to look forward to:

The [DMV] commissioner shall suspend, for a period of sixty days, the motor vehicle operator’s license or nonresident operating privilege of any person under the age of twenty-one who has been convicted of a violation of … subsection (a) of section 21a-279a. . . .

Marijuana is still illegal

Burning one down this weekend?

Marijuana Penalties Can Be Severe

Penalties for possession of marijuana can be severe. Have one-half ounce or more in your possession? Up to a year in prison. Have more than four ounces? Class D Felony. Within 1500 feet of a school? Two year mandatory sentence.

The best advice I ever received in law school was “don’t be a dumbass.” I give you that advice now. If you are going to use, don’t be a dumbass about it. Otherwise, you probably should give me a call. It’s free.

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