Should you see a doctor after an accident? This one is simple.

Are you hurt?

Then yes.

Are you fine?

Then no.

Is this you? Then you probably don’t need a doctor.


Insurance companies and defense attorneys in motor vehicle accident cases look not just to the total amount of medical bills incurred, but on the actual content of those records.

So if your medical treatment is for a fictitious injury someone will spot it. 

How much should you treat?

Another easy one. Listen to your medical providers and listen to your body. If you think you need a second opinion get it, if your doctor says you are good to go, and you agree, stop.

No need to treat for injuries that are resolved.

If I filed an insurance claim, what should I be doing while treating?

Stay on top of who your medical providers are and gather those records and bills. You should recognize that your medical provider will need some time to track the records down. If you have a personal injury attorney that person will need copies of the medical records and bills. If you don’t have a personal injury attorney, the insurance adjuster will eventually need copies. Bottom line – someone is going to need copies so if you get them as you go it makes things work a little smoother.

Should I use my health insurance?

Pay Your Medical Bills

Pay Your Medical Bills

Yes. Yes. Yes.


I know that it is someone else’s fault you are hurt. I know that money is tight. Paying for your deductible, co-pays, and the like causes so much stress, but unless one of the insurance companies involved have what is commonly referred to as “medpay” coverage, then you need to pay up now and try to get reimbursed later.

If you can’t afford to pay your bills talk with your medical provider about a payment plan. 

Do NOT let your bills go into default and ruin your credit.

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