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Construction Site Accident Attorney

Sadler Law Group is a New Haven County Construction Site Accident Attorney and Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When a third party is responsible for your on-the-job injury, you need a construction site accident attorney. Sometimes a general contractor, subcontractor, or other entity causes your injury. While it is almost impossible to bring a lawsuit directly against your employer for failure to keep you safe, it is possible to sue other entities that owed you an obligation. Whether it was a duty to ensure that the equipment was safe, or a responsibly to show that OSHA standards were followed, if their failure caused your injury, you may be entitled to compensation above and beyond that provided by workers’ compensation alone.

Because these cases frequently require the simultaneous pursuit of a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury action, the use of experts, economists, and medical professions, you may need an experienced construction site accident attorney. Sadler Law Group draws upon years of experience to pursue both avenues of recovery to help protect you and your family.

Sadler Law Group will Advise You on the Law

The attorney who you speak with at Sadler Law Group will examine the circumstances of your injury to determine whether there is a viable civil case and advise you on the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing legal action.

New Haven Construction Site Accident Attorney

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Here at Sadler Law Group, an experienced litigator will work directly with you from your initial free consultation all the way through the resolution of your case. An experienced workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney will make each court appearance or workers’ compensation hearing. To learn more call us or fill in the Request a Call form below and an attorney will contact you shortly.

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