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When the Milford Police Department charges you with a crime, you need a criminal defense attorney in Milford, CT to protect your rights. Once you’re pulled into the criminal justice system, it moves quickly. The process is designed to convict you, punish you, and get you off the streets. Without an aggressive defense attorney working on your behalf, the system can trap you and it won’t let you go. At Sadler Law Group, we believe our clients should understand what they’re up against. As a convicted criminal, you never leave your past behind. You have difficulty getting a job and finding a place to live. As you struggle to re-establish a productive life, you have minimal support and few reliable resources. Our firm provides the strongest defense possible to mitigate these harsh consequences.

You Need an Experienced Criminal Attorney in Milford, CT

When your freedom is on the line, the criminal justice system can seem unnecessarily complicated. You need an attorney who knows and understands the laws, rules, precedents, and procedures. An experienced criminal attorney in Milford, CT can reduce the chances that a technical issue will sabotage your case and keep justice out of your reach.

At Sadler Law Group, we believe that it’s important for you to understand how criminal courts operate. We provide honest information and we answer your questions so you’ll know what to expect.


  • What happens at an arraignment?
  • Do I really need an attorney?
  • Will the judge let me out on bail?
  • How long will the process take?
  • Do I have a right to a jury trial?
  • Do I qualify for a plea deal?
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If you’re convicted of a crime in Connecticut, the courts often render harsh penalties. Depending on the crime, your formal punishment could include incarceration, high fines, and lengthy probation.

At Sadler Law Group, we understand the potential for startlingly harsh punishments. As we defend your case, we fight to reduce the consequences. Where appropriate, we negotiate plea deals and push for lesser penalties. We work to achieve the best possible results whether you’re charged with a felony or a misdemeanor.

Narcotics and Drug Offenses

Sentences for drug possession, use, or distribution crimes, usually include incarceration and fines up to $50,000 for a first offense. Penalties increase for subsequent convictions and crimes committed within 1,500 feet of a school or childcare facility.


In Connecticut, a court can convict you of DUI if your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08% or higher or if your driving appears impaired. DUI penalties include jail time, license suspension, probation, fines, and community service.

Assault and Violent Crime

Courts hand down harsh penalties for murder, domestic violence, and other violent crime convictions. Punishments include lengthy incarceration, fines, and probation.

Theft and Larceny

Connecticut criminal codes list six degrees of Larceny based on the value of the stolen property and the method of theft. Charges range from Class C misdemeanors to Class B felonies.

We Devise a Personal Defense Strategy

You deserve an aggressive defense backed by integrity and experience. At Sadler Law Group, we conduct an independent investigation, evaluate the evidence, listen to your input, and provide honest feedback. We work with you to structure a defense strategy that’s personal to you and your circumstances.


The court’s case against you relies on evidence. We determine if their evidence is weak or disputable or if it was obtained appropriately.

Connecticut General Statutes

We review state and local laws to determine if the charges are relevant and accurate.


We determine if affirmative defenses will support a case dismissal or a charge reduction.

Reasonable doubt

We highlight any elements of the case that shed reasonable doubt that you committed a crime.

Probable cause

We review the circumstances of your arrest and seek a dismissal if the officer had no legal reason to stop you.

We Take the Time To Answer Your Questions Completely

We understand that good people find themselves in bad situations.

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Criminal Attorney in Milford, CT

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