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If you’re arrested in Orange, Connecticut, you need immediate assistance from an experienced defense attorney. The criminal justice system moves quickly during the days following your arrest. A Sadler Law Group criminal defense attorney in Orange, CT  will stand with you and fight for your legal rights throughout the process. We will work to implement a strong defense strategy on your behalf.

When a Connecticut court convicts you of a crime, the punishment lasts a lifetime. The criminal justice system can take you away from everything you know. When you complete your sentence and probation, the punishment never stops. A criminal record can prevent you from getting a job, a home, or the financial help you need to survive.

An Experienced Defense Attorney Focuses on You

As an experienced criminal attorney in Orange, CT, our law firm has defended cases throughout the region. We understand that generic defenses don’t work. Because each case is different, we devise a strategy that focuses on you and your situation.

We maintain an honest relationship. As we investigate and evaluate the evidence, we keep you informed. We provide the information you need and answer essential questions to help you understand the criminal justice process.


  • What happens at an arraignment?
  • Can I go to court without an attorney?
  • How do I arrange bail?
  • How will you prove my side of the story?
  • Will I automatically receive a jury trial?
  • Should I make a plea deal?
  • What is the minimum punishment for this crime?
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Criminal Cases in Orange, CT

The criminal justice system focuses on removing people from society and punishing them for the rest of their lives. Each crime triggers a system of punishments and fines designed to uphold this purpose. It’s difficult to navigate such a harsh system without an aggressive defense attorney on your side.

At Sadler Law Group, we have fought hard both in and out of the courtroom. We’ve aggressively defended our clients, worked to reduce their charges and arranged plea deals when appropriate. We’ve helped our clients reach the best possible outcomes whether they were charged with complex felonies or simple misdemeanors.

Narcotics and Drug Offenses

Whether you’re arrested for possession, use, or distribution of a controlled substance, you could do jail time and pay steep fines. Punishments are more severe for drug crimes committed near a school or a childcare facility.


To convict you of DUI, the court doesn’t have to prove that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) exceeded 0.08%. They may simply testify that your driving appeared impaired. Punishments include steep fines, jail time, license suspensions, probation, and community service.

Assault and Violent Crime

If a disagreement ends in assault, murder, domestic violence, or another violent incident, the court often shows little mercy. Punishments for violent crimes include prison term, fines, probation, and a lifetime of personal restrictions.

Theft and Larceny

A theft charge considers six different degrees of Larceny. Charges are based on values of stolen property and larceny methods. They range from Class C misdemeanors to a Class B felonies.

We Take the Time To Answer Your Questions Completely

We understand that good people find themselves in bad situations.

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We Personalize Your Defense Strategy

At Sadler Law Group, we understand the subtle legal issues that can sabotage your defense. We know the laws and we gain critical evidence from listening to you. Our law firm relies on your input to personalize your defense strategy.


We prepare our cases to oppose weak, illegal, or inappropriately obtained evidence.

Connecticut General Statutes

We determine if a case is defensible based on compliance with relevant laws and standards.


We review your case to determine if affirmative defenses will help us defend, dismiss, or reduce your charges.

Reasonable doubt

We present each case to create doubt that the charges against you are legitimate.

Probable cause

We review the law enforcement procedures and evidence surrounding your arrest. We seek a dismissal if the officer had no legitimate reason to stop you.

Criminal Attorney in Orange, CT

If you or a loved have been arrested in Orange, Connecticut, you need an experienced attorney to protect your legal rights. At Sadler Law Group, we personalize your defense strategy and work hard to deliver the best possible outcome.

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