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When you’re charged with a crime in Trumbull, Connecticut, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney in Trumbull, CT to protect your rights. At Sadler Law Group, we have the knowledge, integrity, and skills to navigate the criminal justice system. We become your legal advocate and we build a defense strategy specific to you and your case.

The criminal justice system can be unforgiving. It subjects you to harsh punishments, including fines, incarceration, probation and a lifetime of residual penalties. Long after you’ve served your sentence, a criminal history can make it difficult to get a job or find a decent place to live. We work to prevent or mitigate these and other harsh

We Focus on You

When you’ve been arrested for a crime, the process can be frustrating and confusing. As your criminal attorney in Trumbull, CT, we help you understand the difficulties you face.

From the beginning, we establish an honest working relationship. We keep you informed and we’re available when you need us. We provide honest answers to your critical questions so you’ll know what to expect.


  • What happens at an arraignment?
  • Do I really need an attorney?
  • How much will my bail cost?
  • What did the witnesses say?
  • What’s my potential punishment if I’m convicted?
  • Will a plea deal keep me out of jail?
  • What’s the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?
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Criminal Charges in Trumbull, CT

The criminal justice system is designed to convict and punish you and the courts take those tasks seriously. It’s up to you to defend yourself but you shouldn’t do it alone. You need an attorney with the drive, knowledge, and track record to defend your case and lessen the potential for a lifetime of consequences.

At Sadler Law Group, we have defended clients for Class A, Class B, Class C, and Class D misdemeanors and felonies.

Drug Crimes

The Connecticut justice system implements harsh penalties for possession, use, or distribution of drugs. Punishments include steep fines and lengthy incarcerations. Courts issue stiffer penalties for crimes committed near schools and childcare facilities.


You can be convicted of DUI when your BAC exceeds 0.08% or a law enforcement officer believes that you appeared “impaired.” Your sentence may include jail time, a license suspension, probation and community service.

Violent Crimes and Assault

Criminal courts vigorously prosecute violent crimes. If the court convicts you of assault, murder, domestic violence, or other violent crimes, you may receive a lengthy prison sentence, steep fines, and probation.

Theft and Larceny

If you’re convicted of one of the six degrees of Larceny outlined in Connecticut General Statutes, the court may find you guilty of crimes ranging from Class C misdemeanors to Class B felonies. Larceny charges are based on the stolen property’s value and the method used to commit the crime.

We Take the Time To Answer Your Questions Completely

We understand that good people find themselves in bad situations.

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We Build a Personal Defense Strategy

At Sadler Law Group, we understand that your defense must be tailored to you and your circumstances. Your version and input are central to everything we do. Once we have a clear picture of the relevant facts, laws, and issues, we build your defense strategy to deliver the best possible outcome.


We dispute weak, illegal, or inappropriately seized evidence.

Connecticut General Statutes

We determine if the charges meet the criteria outlined by Connecticut laws and standards.


We look for affirmative defenses that will help us defend your case, support a dismissal, or reduce your charges.

Reasonable doubt

We present a case that creates doubt that the State’s Attorney has met their standard of proof.

Probable cause

We determine if the arresting officers had a legal reason to stop you.

Criminal Attorney in Trumbull, CT

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Trumbull, Connecticut, Sadler Law Group will help you through the criminal justice process. We’ve successfully defended many clients by building personal defense strategies that generated the best possible outcomes.

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