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Criminal Defense For Drunk Driving in Lower Housatonic Valley, CT

If you’re arrested for a DUI or DWI crime in Lower Housatonic Valley, Connecticut, you need an experienced attorney who can provide a strong criminal defense for drunk driving. Connecticut takes DUI and DWI crimes seriously. The arresting officer will place you in jail and you’ll get caught up in a legal system that does everything within its power to punish you.

A criminal conviction remains in your public records long after you’ve complied with the terms of your sentence. It can affect your ability to get the job you want, rent an apartment, or enter the military. It becomes an obstacle to everything important you try to do.

A Skilled DUI/DWI Defense Attorney

When you require a criminal defense for drunk driving, the Sadler Law Group begins fighting for you the moment they accept your case. Our experienced legal team works hard to prevent the criminal justice system from taking over your life. We work closely with our clients so we rely on your input as we plan your defense. We begin by providing honest answers to your questions.

  • What happens at an arraignment hearing?
  • Will the judge release me pending my trial?
  • Will I be tried before a judge or a jury?
  • Can you explain how a plea deal works?
  • How much jail time should I expect?

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Alcohol-Related Crimes in Connecticut

Connecticut General Statutes, Chapter 248 §14-227 a & b, prohibit drivers from operating a vehicle while intoxicated (DWI) or with an elevated blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or greater. If you are operating a commercial vehicle, the illegal BAC level drops to 0.04%. For a driver under age 21, the BAC for intoxication is 0.02%.
The statute for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) applies if a police officer believes that drinking or drugs have affected your ability to safely operate a vehicle.

DUI Testing

Sometimes an officer conducts an initial investigation by administering a field sobriety test. You must demonstrate your sobriety by performing physical tests as requested. When the officer determines that alcohol has affected your ability to perform, he charges you with DUI, arrests you, and impounds your vehicle.

Once you’re in custody, an officer may arrange a blood, breath, or urine test to determine if you have alcohol or drugs in your system.

Initial DUI/DWI Punishment

When you’re arrested on a DUI/DWI charge, the consequences begin immediately. If you test positive for alcohol or drugs or you refuse to submit to testing, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles suspends your license for an initial 45 days.

When you meet the requirements for license reinstatement, you may only drive with an ignition interlocking device (IID) in your car. You must maintain an IIID for 1 year if you are under age 21 or you refuse a BAC test after your first DUI/DWI offense. If you are over age 21 and submit to a BAC test, you must maintain an IID for six months.

Sentencing For DUI Convictions

If the court convicts you, you enter a graduated punishment system with mandatory penalties.

Punishment for a First Conviction

  • Fine: Minimum $500 up to $1,000
  • License suspension: 45-days. You may receive a reinstatement immediately if you’ve already served your initial 45-day suspension.
  • Imprisonment: A judge may sentence you to up to 6 months. You must serve at least 48 consecutive hours of jail time plus a probation period or submit to100 hours of community service.
  • Ignition locking device: If you’re convicted, you must install an IID in any owned vehicle for 1 year.
  • If a judge recommends it, a first-time offender may have the charges dismissed by participating in and paying for a Pretrial Alcohol Education Program.

The jail time, probation, community service hours, and IID requirements increase with each subsequent conviction. Punishments include increased penalties when a DWI or DUI incident involves certain circumstances:

  • Driving with a child passenger
  • Operating a school bus or any vehicle for student transportation
  • Driving without a court-ordered ignition locking device
  • Tampering with a court-ordered ignition locking device

We Take the Time To Answer Your Questions Completely

We understand that good people find themselves in bad situations.

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We Customize Your Defense Strategy

At the Sadler Law Group, we believe that every accused individual deserves a strong defense. We provide the best possible criminal defense for drunk driving because we understand how the local justice system works.

Our defense recommendations sometimes include plea deals or other defense options that minimize the potential for drastic legal consequences. We consult with you as we plan a customized strategy that includes multiple considerations.

  • Evidence: We assess the prosecutor’s case and dispute unreliable, illegal, or irrelevant evidence.
  • Connecticut General Statutes: Our understanding of criminal statutes gives us an edge in pushing for a dismissal of invalid charges.
  • Defenses: We identify and assert affirmative defenses that can help us secure a dismissal or reduction of the criminal charges.
  • Reasonable doubt: We look for evidence that confirms doubt about the legitimacy of a charge.
  • Probable cause: We determine if the police officer had a legitimate reason to stop you.

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If you’ve been arrested for a DUI or DWI crime in Lower Housatonic Valley, Connecticut, you must take immediate steps to initiate your defense. Contact the Sadler Law Group. We’ll construct a strong customized defense to protect your rights. Call us at (855) 285-3425 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation.

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