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New Haven County Criminal Defense Attorney

Sadler Law Group has Experience Defending the Accused in More than One Hundred Criminal Defense Cases

Sadler Law Group can provide you with a New Haven County criminal defense attorney that has defended people accused of:

The Criminal Justice System is Designed to Punish and Remove People from Society

Even simple mistakes or one time failings can lead to a conviction that will make pursuing a career, school, or a vocation extremely difficult. The refrain “paid their debt to society” is incorrect, if you are convicted you will continue to pay your debt for years after.

New Haven CT Criminal Defense Attorney

The Criminal Justice System has No Sympathy for those who Stand Accused

If it did, we would not have the highest incarceration rate in the world.  The tired rhetoric that the high burden of proof  – proof beyond a reasonable doubt – will protect the innocent, or that it is “better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer” is not based upon reality. Those platitudes do little to salve the real wounds of Rafael Suarez, Leon Brown, Henry Lee McCollum, or Miguel Roman, among so many others.

Here at Sadler Law Group, we recognize the system we work under and offer a clear-eyed take on the proceedings. We recognize the far reaching implications of a conviction and will thoroughly discuss the very real risks of accepting a plea deal or pushing through to trial.

New Haven Criminal Defense Attorney

Sadler Law Group will Work with You to Craft a Plan Specific to Your Criminal Defense Case

The evidence in each case is as unique as your circumstances. An experienced criminal defense attorney will review the police report, evidence, witness statements, video, and the like to assess your options.

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