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If You have Already been Arrested on Drug Offenses Charges, You Should Consult a Criminal Defense Attorney Immediately

Being charged with a drug offenses crime is unnerving, causing stress and anxiety for you and your loved ones. The stress is multiplied by the unfamiliarity of the process. At Sadler Law Group, your New Haven County criminal defense attorney, will explain each successive step, from the initial consultation to resolution.

If You Have Not been Arrested on Drug Charges, but Suspect You will be, Do Not Speak with the Police!

The best advice anyone can give in a criminal matter is this – Do not speak to the police. Your words will be used against you, even if you are innocent.

Police are allowed to lie to a suspect. Police are allowed to make promises they do not have the authority to enforce. For example, if an officer has promised a lenient sentence if you cooperate they are simply not telling the truth. They do not have the authority to make or enforce those promises.

Nothing you tell the police can help you. They may tell you they just want your side of the story, but they are not on your side. They are investigating a suspected crime and believe that you committed it. Your pleas of innocence have no effect.

Think that you cannot be swayed by their questions? Watch this video:

New Haven CT Narcotics and Drug Offenses Attorney

Sadler Law Group will develop a Plan that Best Suits Your Case

Sadler Law Group examines the charges, the police report, and the evidence, to determine whether we can:

  • Suppress Physical Evidence
  • Suppress Statements
  • Argue the Insufficiency of the Evidence to Prove the Crime Charged

Failing those, the focus turns to mitigation and trial preparation.


Contact a New Haven County Criminal Attorney if You have been Charged with a Drug Offense

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