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Workers' Compensation

If You have been Injured at Work You need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

When you or a loved one are injured at work any claim for medical treatment or lost wages must, with only very few exceptions, be brought before the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission. The rules are different from the traditional court system and restrict recovery to a select few categories of benefits. Sadler Law Group will provide you with a skilled and experienced New Haven County workers’ compensation attorney to explain and guide you through the process so you never feel alone or confused.

Is a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Necessary?

Hiring an attorney at the inception of a claim can help ensure your rights are protected. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can also help when a claim is stalled or benefits denied. At your initial consultation, a workers’ compensation lawyer at Sadler Law Group will explain the general progress of a workers’ compensation claim, from beginning to end. An injured worker should understand the benefits and very real restrictions present in a workers’ compensation claim before deciding whether to hire an attorney.

New Haven County Experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney
What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation generally refers to the type of insurance an employer must have in place to pay for an injured workers’ medical expenses and lost wages due to a work-related accident.

What can I expect if I have been injured at work?

Ideally, when you are injured on the job your employer should pay for your medical treatment and compensate you for lost time from work in one of two forms. First, if you are unable to work, you should be paid temporary total disability benefits.

Second, if you are not released to full duty, but can work with restrictions, your employer should accommodate you or pay you temporary partial disability benefits.

What can I do to ensure I obtain the proper benefits?

To help secure appropriate benefits you should:

  1. Inform your employer of the injury as soon as it occurs;
  2. Seek medical treatment;
  3. Keep medical records as proof of the injury; and
  4. Document any faulty equipment that may have caused the accident.

These simple steps go a long way to ensuring that your claim will be accepted. Regardless of the type of injury you suffered, your medical provider should document its effects. Often your work status is determined by your medical provider, so he or she must have a full grasp of your injury. Documenting the process will help ensure that your claim unfolds smoothly.

What happens after my doctor finds me at maximum medical improvement?

If your injury is sufficiently severe, you may be entitled to permanent partial disability benefits, which compensate you for lost function in the injured body part. Again this will be determined by your treating medical professional. Your pain and suffering do not come in to consideration under the laws governing workers’ compensation. In fact, your level of compensation is largely tied to your wages. In other words, a person earning $1,000 per week will receive more compensation than a person making $400 per week even if they suffer the same exact injury.

Can I settle a Workers’ Compensation claim?

Sometimes, when you leave an employer, or your injury is so great as to make resuming your previous employment impossible, you may be entitled to a settlement. There a number of legal and financial factors to consider when deciding whether to settle a case, and here at Sadler Law Group, we can discuss the positive and negative implications of settlement.

Be aware that your employer, and their insurance company, is under no obligation to settle. There is no judge or jury at the end of the workers’ compensation process to award damages or a verdict like there is in the civil litigation arena. Therefore, before settling a claim you should at least contact an attorney to determine your options.

How is a Workers’ Compensation lawyer paid?

Sadler Law Group represents clients in New Haven County, and across the state, in workers’ compensation cases on a contingency fee basis meaning there are no fees or out of pocket costs to you if there is no recovery. Payment is in the form of a percentage a workers’ permanent partial disability benefits and/or settlement. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer at Sadler Law Group would be happy to explain this process in more detail. Please call (855) 285-3425 or fill out the Request a Call form below.

New Haven CT Experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney

What if a Someone Else is Responsible for my on-the-job Injury?

On some occasions another person or business is responsible for the injury you suffered while at work. Sometimes a general contractor causes a construction site accident, or a driver negligently strikes your work vehicle. It may be possible to seek compensation directly from that person. Those cases frequently require the simultaneous pursuit of a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury action.

Sadler Law Group draws upon years of experience to pursue both actions to ensure you receive a fuller recovery. The workers’ compensation attorney who you speak with at Sadler Law Group will examine the circumstances of your injury to determine whether there is a viable third party action and advise on the pros and cons of pursuing legal action.


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